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Artist: Point Of Grace

Songs on "24" Album

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Blue Skies - Album Version
Day By Day - (bonus track)
Day By Day - Album Version
Dying To Reach You
Dying To Reach You - Album version
Faith, Hope And Love - Album version
Gather At The River - View Gather At The River Lyrics
Gather At The River- Album version
God Is With Us (LP Version)
God Is With You
I Have No Doubt (LP Version)
I'll Be Believing - Album version
Jesus Will Still Be There- Album version
Keep The Candle Burning (LP Version)
Love Like No Other
Love Like No Other - Album version
My God
My God - Album version
No More Pain (LP Version)
One More Broken Heart - Album version
Saving Grace - View Saving Grace Lyrics
Saving Grace - Album version
Steady On - Album version
That's The Way It's Meant To Be - Album version
The Great Divide
The Great Divide - Album Version
The Song Is Alive - Album version
The Wonder Of It All
The Wonder of It All (LP Version)
When The Wind Blows - Album Version
You Are The Answer (LP Version)

Gather At The River Lyrics

Sometimes we don't see eye to eye
We don't agree, we don't know why
But Jesus prayed that we'd be one
So for the sake of God's own Son
Can we put away our differences
Lay down our pride
I think it's time we start turning the tide

Shall we gather at the river of forgiveness
Come together at the waters of love
Flowing like a fountain from the mercy giver
Shall we gather at the river

We have all made enemies of
The ones we're called by Christ to love
But there's redemption at the riverside
The water's deep, the water's wide
It can wash away our bitterness
The current is strong
I think we've been out in the desert too long

(Repeat Chorus)

We can wade into the middle
Where the healing waters flow
It only takes a little
To heal a wounded soul
It will only bring us closer
Than we've ever been before
This is just what Jesus was praying for

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Saving Grace Lyrics

She had her father's blue eyes
He left home before she arrived
Mama named her Grace
Just getting by on their own
When Grace was fifteen, she ran from home
One December day
Grace is lost and alone in a world as cold as stone
God is counting on us to reach her with his love

It's all about saving Grace
All about living love
Being Jesus to those he came to save
Sharing life and giving our own away
It's all about serving God
All about saving Grace

She'd never darken the doors of any church
She would say, "What for . . .
no one there would care for me"
We have to go where she lives
Simply show her who Jesus is
Watch him set her free
For grace flows down from above
And faith requires a selfless love
For a world that's dying
to see the hope in you and me

- Chorus -

There are countless millions just like Grace
Who need a merciful embrace
They won't believe our God is real
until they feel his touch

- Chorus -

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