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2002 - Self-titled

Artist: The American Culture eXperiments

Songs on "2002 - Self-titled" Album

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Better Way - View Better Way Lyrics
Bite The Hand - View Bite The Hand Lyrics
Control Of The World - View Control Of The World Lyrics
Dead Duck - View Dead Duck Lyrics
Experiments - View Experiments Lyrics
Freedom Is A Luxury - View Freedom Is A Luxury Lyrics
Human Being - View Human Being Lyrics
Injustice - View Injustice Lyrics
Keep Me - View Keep Me Lyrics
Lard Jesus - View Lard Jesus Lyrics
Talk - View Talk Lyrics
Waiting - View Waiting Lyrics

Better Way Lyrics

I want change to happen!
I want Social justice!
I want Service! Programs!
No don't drink that wine.

So many huge decisions
Are made in corporate board rooms
What about the streets of our city?

Will we drink that wine? Will we trust those who know
Will we venture out in faith, Confess what we don't know
In a perfect world things are rarely what they seem
Reality could be a dream

Who will we listen to and who will we trust
Will we trickle down or will we trickle up
Who will decide what the answers will be
What do we want? Rabbi we want to see

My mustard seed will grow
It's growing into a mountain mover
My crippled leg is showing
But I'm going to the head of the table
My worst his best, most honored guest
The seed is growing stronger
Throw the mountains into the sea
Move the mountains inside of me

The mustard seed against the world
Perfect world imperfect world

I want Bottom Up justice
At the bottom of justice
Surely the wineskin of justice
Surely the cup of mercy
Will overflow into the streets of the world

Soon will come the time
To drink of His new wine

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Bite The Hand Lyrics

Bite the hand
The hand that feeds you, needs you
Greeds you, bleeds you
Grieves you, leaves you
Greets you, eats you
Bite the

They want what's best for you
They would never hurt you
You could never understand
In ignorance you bite the hand

Hand that supplies you, denies you
Relieves you, deceives you
Excites you, unites you
Violates you, sedates you
Bite the

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Control Of The World Lyrics

You believe? Man what a joke
There is nothing I can't see
My reality is my own creation
And standing in the center is me
Backup! Lookout! Step aside
The decision maker is coming through
On my road to pleasure and self
I'll crush your bones, I'll step on you

We are not in control of this world!

I stand or fall, I live and breathe
By the choices I have made
I stand on the shoulders of no man
And stand on everyone just the same
My heroes are all smart men
They say control is not our own
Evolutionary Biology, what a genius
Truth cannot be known!

You must submit! You must submit!
There are creatures watching you
You lie and say they don't exist
But when you fall they pull you through
There's no dead carcass in the grave
But there's rivers of blood on my hands
Feel like I have lost control
But by the throne He still stands

I cannot see it
Possess it
Own it
Control it

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Dead Duck Lyrics

The ideal for the practical
The exchange: freedom for truth
The path you set out on...
Someone will finish it
But it will not be you
(Why don't you fly? Why aren't you alive?)

'Cause you're a Dead Duck
You dug the hole that you've fallen into
Your lost hopes and Broken Dreams

Fallen away, should have fallen asleep
Dark is your path, can't see what stumbles your feet
Seduced by the times you who once were an heir
Our joys should all be doubled and our trials be shared
(If I saw you cry, would you too want me to die?)

You are not alone it seems

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Experiments Lyrics

I am an experiment
You are an experiment
We are all experiments

Denial of Oppression, Justified Aggression
Imperial Invasion, Nuclear Destruction
Rugged Individualism, Ethnocentrism
Blatant Consumerism, Blind Nationalism

Corporate Globalization, Juvenile Fornication
Warehouse of Corrections, Irrelevant Religion
Rhetoric of Revolution, Economic Concentration
Make a good impression, Irresponsible reproduction

A voice cries out in the wilderness
In a dry and desolate land
A voice of one is calling
Destruction is at hand
This is a land where no one travels
A land where no one lives
But a light shines in the desert
In the place where Darkness is
She will become the least of nations
A wilderness, a dry land
But the wilderness will rejoice
Strengthen the feeble hands!
Steady the knees that give way
Be strong and do not fear
The voice calling American Culture
Is a voice that all can hear

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Freedom Is A Luxury Lyrics

Freedom is a luxury you can't afford
When you're working minimum wage at the corner store
When little children are preyed on in their own homes
When you're working at the factory
Making parts for your radio

Freedom is a luxury

Freedom is a luxury you can't afford
When you've walked all day and your feet are sore
When it's five miles to the next grocery store
When you're slaving over 40 hrs
Slaving for your slave's wage
Freedom is a luxury

Freedom is a luxury you can't afford
When you're working minimum wage at the corner store
When you've walked all day and your feet are sore
When you're slaving at the factory
Making parts for your radio
Slaving for your slaves wage
Freedom is a luxury you can't afford

Everywhere is war

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Human Being Lyrics

See genetics singing out
The face of this race
The work of creation shouting out
Do you see the same or do you see
What's unique

With the Flesh, the Blood, the Bones,
Here come the clones
With all their garbage, with all their splendor
The breath of the spirit
We can never render

No blade identical, no heart impermeable
How can you manufacture the holy spirit
Father bring life to Blood, to Bones,
Here come the clones

With all their garbage, with all their splendor
The breath of the spirit we can never render

The Bodies are inhabited with life,
The son of man
The power in no hierarchy forthcoming
Even the bereft of life will stand

As the trumpet drones raise the bones
Prophesy to light, no man can elevate alone

We're not so different, we're not the same
Hating brother's quality and beauty
Who are we?

Human being's the name
With flesh, with moans
We throw the stones
At all the garbage, and all the splendor
At the spirit and hope that it can render

We fall.

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Injustice Lyrics

Injustice runs rampant in society
You can even find it in our own pretty democracy

Run!Well no!
Or hide in a 9 to 5 and don't care to know

Impoverished and homeless don't have a choice
Well, why should they? The money took their voice
And it flows

Only prepare at the next media scare...
Turn the TV on and tune out the sun
Opinions decisions seem so black and white
When we allow the media to chose our fight
Never talk of sex but condemn all abortion
Christian message is warped in transmitted distortion
Fell the sea sickening rush of the great capitalist flush
Spiraling down

The destruction of all that's in our way
When times get rough its time to pray

A Nation of greed
American apathy
A path and a blown away seed
Promoting self is the American way

Globalization of greed
Spiritual apathy
A path and a hollow seed
Structural collapse is on the way

We're living, survival of the richest
Echoes rise up from the pit
As the pendulum cuts them down
And our American world, spins around

Money makes money, while the poor can only get poorer
Our economic equations include the bottom mans horror
Some free men sit in prisons while some slaves sit in office
Prejudice issues manage to linger
We need reconciliation not pointing a finger
So what is our ticket out now
Where do we find truth?
Many have lost their minds or died
So we could indulge in our American pride
And now we glance at some at the corner
Who have been discarded and junked away
And forced they work up scams
To exist with me and you another day

Consume. Pollute. Hate. Destroy

Let go of possession, fear and pride
When witnessing injustice don't find a way to hide
Open our eyes to see every lie
Because you'll never find justice till the day
That you die

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Keep Me Lyrics

Left to negotiate with no sense of knowing
When freedom over truth has triumphed
Free to be lost and disconnected
Given as much value as free things often are

Keep me close to you. Don't let me be alone
Discarded but not overthrown
I'm useless, yes it's true
Keep me, fresh and new. Don't make me obsolete
I still have hands to wash your feet
My uselessness is you

I could be worth my weight in labor
I could be worth my death in favors
You could monitor my list of things to do
And you could overlook my anonymous service to you

The sum of my marketable skills
My part in the collective will
Abilities that you would own
And use in ways I don't condone
Produce and receive my meal
Discard me when I fall ill

How can I profit you...
What useful thing can I do?
(Useful, useless to you)

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Lard Jesus Lyrics

Lounging back in their golden chairs
Plastic smiles surrounded by their plastic hair
Tiny microphone in his swollen hand
Screeching out their praises up to Bula Land
He can't wait to die

A crowd of zombies listen as they wail and cheer
He's likely to expire in another year
Rejoice hallelujah, I want to die
I wanna see what happens in the blink of an eye

Overweight southern drawl, dissonant voice
Glazed over cloudy gaze lacks a choice
Their eyes roll back as they raise their hands
I think I see it coming, it's Bula Land!

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Talk Lyrics

Everywhere around us someone's got something to say
Isolated outbursts but nothing goes away
Everyday you hear the words of destruction and fear
Always spreading our opinions
Without the willingness to hear

All this noise about nothing, drowning the meaning of it all
Outside this oral defecation the world is an empty stall
Injustice over here! Hatred over there!
Talk talk talk but the sin is everywhere!

Words words words...All we have are these?
Can we feed them to the poor or with them heal disease?
Talk talk talk...Is that all we will do?
Sacrifice ourselves we must go die for what is true

Take in information through the lenses you create
Never do a thing about the things you say you hate
Surround yourself with people who say what you want to hear
What keeps you from action is it selfishness or fear?
Talk about injustice do we really want it gone
It takes more than a zine or writing lyrics to a song
Scapegoat the middleclass if it covers up your guilt
No conviction penetrates the fortress you have built

Every night we go to sleep, Homeless sleeping in the street,
Molested children in their homes, Millionaires in beds alone.
It will take more than our disembodied ideas;
More than hard music and counter cultural fashion.
A disjointed community stands no chance
Against multinational and inner super powers.

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Waiting Lyrics

Riots in the streets
Riots for revolution
People on their knees
Praying for revolution

Children overseas
Fighting for revolution
Soldiers cut and bleed
Dying for revolution

Waiting for revolution
To come

Politicians and priests
Fathers of revolution
Businessmen and beasts
Fathers of revolution

The hungry cry and plead
Pleading for redistribution
Change for all in need
Much needed revolution

Waiting for Revolution, Redistribution
Waiting for Consideration, Emancipation
Waiting for Reconciliation, Reallocation
Waiting for Demonstration, Salvation

Lie awake at night
Comfort, too afraid to fight
Eyes not accustomed to sight
Wings not used to flight

Slavery and Abundance coming near
Resisting Revolution
Arrogance and Fear
Death to Revolution

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